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Jean-Michel Folon is a Belgian artist. Born on March 1st, 1934 to Uccle and died on October 20th, 2005 at the age of 71 in Monaco from the consequences of a leukaemia. He worked on numerous materials and created under diverse forms: tapestry, paints, postage stamps, decorations of theater, etc.

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Drawings of the artist Jean-Michel FOLON
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       Libération newspaper of December 10th and 11th, 1988
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Drawings of the artist Jean-Michel FOLON.

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Of an architect's initial formation, he abandons his studies to the School Saint Luc in the middle of 1960s and settles down in Bets. He soon distinguishes itself in the field of the illustration with several styles (assuming a certain filiation with Saul Steinberg) characterized by wide gradations in the watercolor and the recurring use of characters in the voluntarily simplistic outline. Their misled expression, their wandering in weightlessness.
Her detractors tax him of preciousness, see at him a drawing in the elementary style and especially the constant re-use of receipts having assured his commercial success. He participates in the first film of Maurice Dugowson Lily love me, friends' film, comedy in which he plays the main roles in sides of Patrick Dewaere and Rufus. Attracted by actor's profession, he abandons the cinema further to Gérard Depardieu's reflection which who sees him more as a creator of universe than as an interpreter.
He makes the Italic credits of the broadcast ORTF produced and animated by Marc Gilbert with the music of the film A the dawn of the fifth day consisted by Ennio Morricone diffused from 1971 till 1974. He creates, in association with the composer Michel Colombier, the credits of opening and closure of Antenne 2, diffused between 1975 and 1984, where his chaps in raincoats fly away on very melancholic one cantilena for oboe and orchestra. It is probably its work for the most known television.
1989 marks its philatélique and public success in France: he conceives the logo of the international philatélique exhibition of Bets Philexfrance 89 and the logo of the "birds" which were the symbol of the remembrance of the French Revolution on numerous stamps and commemorative objects in the world.
Jean-Michel Folon is also a burning defender of human rights, he illustrated in particular diverse campaigns for Amnesty International.
The artist possesses his own museum, "Fondation Folon". This one is situated in the park of the domain Solvay in Hulpe. In the farm of the castle of Hulpe, fifteen showrooms allow the visitor to discover more than three hundred works of the artist (watercolors, paints, sculptures, engravings, objects, posters and illustrations), than he realized with his friends such the sculptors César, Botero, Adami, Kiti, Arman...